Swami woke up ki realise that it was Monday

 morning it seemed like it was a last period on Friday a moment ago. As other children you also didn't wanted to go to school. So he pretended to have a headache and convince his mother to let him stay at home. After many tries my mother finally gave him permission to let him stay at home

But when his father arrived he asked if he have no school today. 

Swami replied headache. 

His father is called him and said that he should loaf out less and he will have no headache on Monday. Swami still didn't wanted to go to school So change his tatics and and told his father many bad things about Samuel. 

Like he told his father that Samuel was a very violent man.  He don't like boys. Especially the one who come late. Once we punish the boy to kneel down for a whole period in the corner of class. Lastly that boy ended up getting cuts from his Cane and his ear twisted. 

Swami thought by this he can get away from going to school. But he was wrong. Suddenly his father's behaviour took an Unexpected turn. He became excited. Swami father start saying that what does those swine think by beating our children. 

He told Swami to dress up. He wanted to send Swami to school and see what happens as he accepted it as challenge. Swamy father composed a long letter.He
Put that letter in an envelope and Sealed swami was afraid that what was his father writing in that long letter. When his father gave him that letter and asked him to give it to his headmaster Swami asked apprehensivly that what was in that letter? 

His father replied "plenty of things about Samuel. Anyways its nothing for your use. Just give it to your headmaster in the morning and go to your class. And you must bring an acknowledgement from your headmaster in the evening. 

Swami was in the way to school he was thinking that he was the worst producer in the world as he said a lot of bad things about Samuel to his fathee though some of those things where real and many of the things very imaginary. 

Now Swami start thinking that Samuel was very genial. And he was not that bad person. But after few minutes ago I started thinking that samuel was still bad as he wants end of 1st grade boy on his hand until the blood came and forced him to that blood on his forehead like vermilion marking. 

And once a week and a boy  and skinned knuckles and forced him to spare the blood onto his face. Actually he was very confused about the character of Samuel. Questions were arriving in his mind. If Samuel was a good or bad person. After that when he reached the entrance of his class, Samuel was teaching arithmetic. Samuel asked him why who was he late and then Swami replied that he had headache.he was praying the god of Tirupati That Samuel mast cane Swami as Swami wanted to prove Samuels character according to the letter. But Swami was shocked when he found Samuel was behaving very well with him. Swami irritated Samuel whenever he came to teach the class. At last he succeed to get six cuts from Samuels Cane. When he happily went to the headmaster to give him the letter he found out by the peon that he was on an afternoon of and wont return in one week so if we want to give the letter he can give the letter to the assistant headmaster who was no one but Samuel.

He became sad and went to home and his father asked him for the acknowledgment but when he told him that his headmaster was on an afternoon off and wont return in an week and the assistant headmaster was no one but Samuel his father didn't believe him and scolded him and even tore up the letter and said that he won't help him ever again.



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