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🌹 RENESHA CBSE 🌹 🌹🌹 FATHER'S HELP 🌹🌹 SYNOPSIS  🌹 FATHER'S HELP SUMMARY 🌹 CLASS VIII DAV SCHOOL  ✍️ MANVI SINHA  Swami woke up ki realise that it was Monday  morning it seemed like it was a last period on Friday a moment ago. As other children you also didn't wanted to go to school. So he pretended to have a headache and convince his mother to let him stay at home. After many tries my mother finally gave him permission to let him stay at home But when his father arrived he asked if he have no school today.  Swami replied headache.  His father is called him and said that he should loaf out less and he will have no headache on Monday. Swami still didn't wanted to go to school So change his tatics and and told his father many bad things about Samuel.  Like he told his father that Samuel was a very violent man.  He don't like boys. Especially the one who come late. Once we punish the boy to kneel down for a whole period in the corner of class. Lastly that boy en